PCB V1.3




  • Split up the jack LEDs in 2 groups, added an extra resistor for this and changed the value of the other accordingly.

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Name:Qty:Value:Index:Specs:Package:Mouser reference:Note:
SMD parts:
1n5819 diode2D1 D2SOD-123621-1N5819HW-F
Ferrite bead2F1 F20603710-742792664
TL072 dual opamp5U2 U3 U4 U5 U6SOIC-8595-TL072IDR
V2164M quad VCA1U1SOIC-16
from Thonk.co.uk
LM4040C25 2.5V voltage reference1U8SOT23-3595-LM4040C25IDBZR
LM4040C10 10V voltage reference1U7SOT23-3595-LM4040C10IDBZR
Capacitor447pFC3 C4 C7 C8>= 16V060381-GRM39C470J50
Capacitor2100pFC9 C10>= 16V060381-GRM39C101J50
Capacitor4560pFC1 C2 C5 C6>= 16V060381-GRM1885C1H561FA01
Capacitor6100nFC13 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18>= 16V060381-GCM188R71H104KA7D
Capacitor4470nFC11 C12 C21 C22>= 16V060381-GRM188R71E474KA12
Electrolytic capacitor222uFC19 C20>= 25VPanasonic B667-EEE-FT1E220AR
Resistor2300R37 R400603603-RT0603FRE07300RL
Resistor8510R7 R8 R13 R14 R15 R16 R31 R32 0603603-RT0603FRE07510RL
Resistor21.2kR25 R270603603-RT0603FRE071K2L
Resistor85.1kR19 R20 R21 R22 R23 R24 R33 R34 0603603-RT0603FRE075K1L
Resistor25.6kR35 R360603603-RT0603FRE075K6L
Resistor124kR1 R2 R390603603-RT0603FRE0724KL
Resistor249.9kR3 R40603603-RT0603FRE0749K9L
Resistor6100kR5 R6 R11 R12 R17 R180603603-RT0603FRE07100KL
Resistor41MR26 R28 R29 R300603603-RC0603FR-071ML
Resistor220MR9 R100603603-RC0603JR-0720ML
SMD LED6 1206604-APTR3216YC
For jack lights
Other parts:
Potentiometer210k BPOT1 POT2 858-P0915N-FC15BR10K
Potentiometer210k BPOT3 POT4
Thonk tall trimmer pots
3mm bicolor LED (2 terminal)2L1 L2 604-WP937EGW
1x2 Male header1
1x1 Male header2
2x5 Male header1649-67997-410HLF
Thonkiconn Jack6J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6
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