PCB V1.2




  • Split the jack lights in groups of 3, adding 2 more resistors.
  • R1, R2, R10 (and R11, R12 and R13) resistor value changed to 300r according to this change.

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Name:Qty:Value:Index:Specs:Package:Mouser reference:Note:
Board 2
Resistor, 1%133rR100603667-ERJ-3EKF33R0V
Resistor, 1%2470rR44 R470603603-RT0603FRE07470RL
Resistor, 1%41.0kR1 R2 R88 R890603667-ERJ-3EKF1001V
Resistor, 1%22.2kR52 R530603667-ERJ-3EKF2201V
Resistor, 1%46.8kR58 R68 R74 R870603667-ERJ-3EKF6801V
Resistor, 1%310kR45 R50 R600603667-ERJ-3EKF1002V
Resistor, 1%1120kR11 R12 R17 R18 R28 R29 R35 R46 R48 R49 R730603667-ERJ-3EKF2002V
Resistor, 1%133kR340603667-ERJ-3EKF3302V
Resistor, 1%236kR75 R860603667-ERJ-3EKF3602V
Resistor, 1%547kR27 R51 R59 R69 R720603667-ERJ-3EKF4702V
Resistor, 1%14100kR13 R16 R19 R22 R30 R33 R36 R39 R40 R43 R54 R57 R67 R710603667-ERJ-3EKF1003V
Resistor, 1%11120kR14 R15 R20 R21 R32 R38 R41 R42 R55 R56 R700603667-ERJ-3EKF1203V
Resistor, 1%1180kR370603667-ERJ-3EKF1803V
Resistor, 1%1200kR310603667-ERJ-3EKF2003V
Capacitor, ceramic418pC11 C12 C43 C49060381-GRM185C1H180JA01J
Murata GRM1885C1H180JA01J
Capacitor, ceramic2220pC54 C57>= 16V, <= 2%060381-GRM185C1H221GA01D
Murata GRM185C1H221GA01D
Capacitor, ceramic133.3nC14 C15 C19 C20 C24 C25 C26 C27 C28 C30 C41 C42 C50>= 50V, <= 5%060381-GRM1885C1H332JA1D
Capacitor, ceramic24100nC2 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C13 C16 C18 C21 C22 C23 C29 C32 C33 C34 C37 C38 C39 C44 C45 C46 C47 C51>= 16V060381-GRM188R71E104JA1J
Murata GRM188R71E104JA01J
Capacitor, ceramic31uC17 C36 C48>= 10V060381-GRM18R61A105KA61J
Murata GRM18R61A105KA61J
Capacitor, ceramic22.2uC31 C35>= 10V0805810-C2012X5R1A225K-2
TDK C2012X5R1A225K085AA
Capacitor, electrolytic510uC40 C52 C53 C55 C56>= 16VPanasonic B598-AVE106M16B12T-F
Cornell Dubilier AVE106M16B12T-F
Capacitor, electrolytic422uC1 C3 C9 C10>= 25VPanasonic D667-EEE-FP1E220AR
1N5819HW diode2D1 D2SOD123621-1N5819HW-F
Diodes Inc 1N5819HW-7-F
LM1117-3.3V LDO Vreg23.3VIC2 IC4SOT223926-LM1117MPX3.3NOPB
National LM1117MPX3.3/NOPB
CD4051 8-1 multiplexer4IC3 IC5 IC8 IC11TSSOP16595-CD4051BPWR
MCP6002 dual op-amp R2R IO1IC9SOIC8579-MCP6002-I/SN
MCP6004 dual op-amp R2R IO3IC6 IC7 IC13SOIC14579-MCP6004-I/SL
WM8731 audio codec1IC12SSOP28238-WM8731SEDS/V
Wolfson micro WM8731SEDS/V
LM4040 Shunt Vref110VIC1A, B or C gradeSOT23595-LM4040C10IDBZR
Texas Instruments LM4040C10IDBZ
LME49720 dual op-amp1IC14SOIC8926-LME49720MA/NOPB
8 MHz quartz1Q1HC49815-ABLS2-8-D4Y-T
Abracon ABLS2-8.000MHZ-D4Y-T
EMI Filter Bead2L1 L2>= 2200 ohm0603710-742792693
Wurth Electronics 742792693
NPN transistor MMBT39041Q2SOT23863-MMBT3904LT1G
On Semi MMBT3904LT1G
Switch, 6mm, SMT2SW2 SW36mm x 6mm667-EVQ-Q2K01W
Panasonic EVQ-Q2K01W
2x5 male header, 1.27mm pitch1JP1 (“JTAG”)649-221111-00010T4LF
2x5 male header, 2.54mm pitch1JP3 (“Power / Red stripe”)649-67996-410HLF
1x6 male header, 2.54mm pitch1JP2 (“Serial”)649-68002-106HLF
1x3 male header, 2.54mm pitch1Jack lights header
Board 1
Resistor, 1%6300rR1 R2 R10 R11 R12 R130603603-RT0603FRE07300RL
Vertical jack connector18J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6 J7 J8 J9 J10 J11 J12 J13 J14 J15 J16 J17 J18
10k linear pot, 25mm shaft with marker27R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R23 R24 R25 R26 R61 R62 R63 R64 R65 R66 R76 R77 R78 R79 R80 R81 R82 R83 R84 R85
LED, amber2LED1 LED2604-WP57YYD
Switch, On-mom, White LED1SW1
E-switch LP4OA1PBCTW (équivalent)
SMD LED (jack lights)18630-HSML-C150
10mm spacer (male-female)3
11mm spacer (female-female)4
M3x4 screw8
1x14 female pin header 2.54mm pitch4
1x14 male pin header 2.54mm pitch4
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