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Board 1 - SMD parts:
Resistor (1%)168R380603603-RT0603FRE0768RL
Resistor (1%)31kR33 R36 R370603603-RT0603FRE071KL
Resistor (1%)139kR20603603-RT0603FRE0739KL
Resistor (1%)32100kR3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 R20 R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 R29 R30 R31 R32 R34 R350603603-RT0603FRE07100KL
Resistor (1%)1390kR10603603-RT0603FRE07390KL
Capacitor (ceramic)1100nFC6>= 25V060381-GRM188R71E104JA1J
Capacitor (ceramic)422pFC3 C4 C5 C7>= 25V060381-GRM1885C1H220GA1J
Capacitor (electrolytic)210uFC1 C2>= 25VPanasonic B667-EEE-1EA100WR
TL074 quad op-amp1U1SOIC14595-TL074CD
SMD LED51206630-HSML-C150
Board 1 - other parts:
Tall trimmer pot1510k logfrom
Thonkiconn jack5from
Board 2 - SMD parts:
Resistor (1%)210R77 R830603603-RT0603FRE0710RL
Resistor (1%)1470R730603603-RT0603FRE07470RL
Resistor (1%)2680R74 R850603603-RT0603FRE07680RL
Resistor (1%)241.8kR2 R6 R8 R12 R14 R18 R20 R24 R26 R30 R32 R36 R38 R42 R44 R48 R50 R54 R56 R60 R62 R66 R68 R720603603-RT0603FRE071K8L
Resistor (1%)13.3kR750603603-RT0603FRE073K3L
Resistor (1%)13.9kR780603603-RT0603FRE073K9L
Resistor (1%)115kR840603603-RT0603FRE0715KL
Resistor (1%)2622kR1 R4 R7 R10 R13 R16 R19 R22 R25 R28 R31 R34 R37 R40 R43 R46 R49 R52 R55 R58 R61 R64 R67 R70 R76 R870603603-RT0603FRE0722KL
Resistor (1%)2447kR3 R5 R9 R11 R15 R17 R21 R23 R27 R29 R33 R35 R39 R41 R45 R47 R51 R53 R57 R59 R63 R65 R69 R710603603-RT0603FRE1347KL
Resistor (1%)1120kR860603603-RT0603FRE07120KL
Resistor (1%)4150kR79 R80 R81 R820603603-RT0603FRE07150KL
Capacitor (ceramic)7100nFC17 C34 C51 C68 C85 C102 C103>= 25V060381-GRM188R71E104JA1J
Capacitor (electrolytic)210uFC104 C114>= 25VPanasonic B667-EEE-1EA100WR
1N5819HW diode21n5819D1 D2SOD123621-1N5819HW-F
TL074 quad op-amp7U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 U7SOIC14595-TL074CD
Board 2 - other parts:
Box capacitor111nFC95 C97 C99 C101 C109 C110 C111 C112 C113 C115 C11680-PHE426DJ4100JR05
Box capacitor41.5nFC78 C80 C82 C8480-PHE426KJ4150JR05
Box capacitor262.2nFC2 C4 C6 C8 C44 C46 C48 C50 C60 C61 C62 C63 C64 C65 C66 C67 C87 C89 C91 C93 C94 C96 C98 C100 C108 C11880-PHE426MJ4220JR05
Box capacitor163.3nFC19 C21 C23 C25 C36 C38 C40 C42 C53 C55 C57 C59 C70 C72 C74 C7680-PHE426MJ4330JR05
Box capacitor94.7nFC27 C29 C31 C33 C77 C79 C81 C83 C10680-PHE426DJ4470JR05
Box capacitor46.8nFC86 C88 C90 C9280-PHE426DJ4680JR05
Box capacitor610nFC52 C54 C56 C58 C107 C11780-MMK5103J50J01L4
Box capacitor415nFC69 C71 C73 C7580-PHE426DJ5150JR05
Box capacitor422nFC43 C45 C47 C4980-MMK5223J50J01TR18
Box capacitor433nFC18 C20 C22 C2480-MMK5333J50J01TR18
Box capacitor847nFC10 C12 C14 C16 C26 C28 C30 C3280-MMK5473J100J01L4
Box capacitor568nFC35 C37 C39 C41 C10580-MMK5683J100J01L4
Box capacitor8100nFC1 C3 C5 C7 C9 C11 C13 C1580-MMK5104J63J01L4
spacer 10mm M-F2855-R30-3001002
spacer 11mm F-F2855-R30-1001102
1x3 Male header5571-4-103327-5
1x4 Male header2571-5-103327-1
2x5 Male header1649-67997-410HLF
1x3 Female header4517-929974-01-03-RK
1x4 Female header2517-974-01-04-RK
M3 screw4
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